Raise your hand

It will help you do better in life

Raise your hand

Being confident can be SO hard. I’m always nervous to talk to an adult. I can’t even ask my catering teacher to repeat something I don’t understand. I can’t raise my hand when I know the right answer to a question.

My friends have noticed. They say it makes people think I am not smart. But I know I am and can do better if only I can be more confident.

My best friend Anne is super confident. She talks to anyone regardless of their age. It’s like nothing scares her. I’m not as confident as she is, but she reminds me that “asking questions doesn’t mean you’re stupid, you just want to understand something better."

Excelling in my catering class means a lot to me. It will help me make money to take care of myself and my family members.

This is why I need to work on my confidence. That way I will stop being nervous and ask questions that will help me to succeed.

Anne has so much great advice on how I can work on my confidence.

Here are her top 3 tips– maybe they can help you too.

  1. Ask questions sooner than later.
  2. If you are nervous to ask in public stay behind after class and talk to teachers one-on-one. Always ask a close friend to stay with you so you’re not alone.
  3. Don’t pay attention to people who tease you for being nervous. Stay focused on your goal. Don’t let negative thoughts (especially from others) distract you.

Anne also shared her most important secret with me. She said “Remember, everyone’s afraid of getting judged even me! Being brave and asking a question doesn’t mean I’m not scared.”

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