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What’s your favourite thing about being a Springster? Is it the great stories, the crazy comments, or even Big Sister ;)? Whatever it is, we know for sure that Springster rocks! Which is exactly why our friends shouldn’t be left out of the fun.

Long story short, we Springsters need to spread the love. Everyone is free to join. Our doors are always open. Here are three easy ways to tell our friends about Springster:

Share Our Stories
If a Springster story teaches us valuable lessons or reminds us of a friend’s or family member’s situation, let’s share it with her. We can do this through Facebook, WhatsApp or just talking to her. It’ll let her know we’re thinking about her. And it might just encourage her to join us.

Talk is Good
If we learn something amazing here, we should probably not keep it to ourselves. For instance, if our sisters or friends have noticed we’re more confident and outspoken, let’s tell them all about Springster. That way, they’ll join us and also learn a thing or two.

Teaching Rocks
Knowledge is better when shared. So if we pick up a DIY skill here (e.g. how to make an Ankara bag), let’s teach our sisters or friends. If we find out about coding here, let’s tell that friend who’s into computers. She might just want to know where we got the info. Then in a matter of time, she’ll be a Springster too.

Remember, we Springsters are always together, never alone. That’s one of our codes. So go on and spread the Springster love far and wide. The sky is big enough for everyone.

How else can we spread the Springster love? Spill all below.

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I feel free here thankz 2 big sis ad fellow ladies

4 months, 1 week ago

I love u big sister u are the best♡

6 months ago
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