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When you have money, it can be so easy to spend it! Especially when there’s something you’ve wanted for a long time – like material to sew a new skirt or a novel by your favourite author. Buying yourself a treat sometimes isn’t a bad thing, but saving for your future is very important.

Saving even a little bit whenever you get money is a way to do something great for your future self. But it’s not always easy, so here’s how to start:

Work out how much money you need right now – if you have to buy school books or another necessity, like medicine, spending is okay. From there, you can set aside a little bit of money to treat yourself with something small – maybe a wonderful new soap. The rest is what you should save. How much is enough? Try put away at least half of what you have.

Speak to your parents or a trusted adult like an aunt about opening an account with a bank or a local savings group. Some savings groups may let you open your own account but others might only let an adult open an account for you. The great thing about putting your money away like this is that it will be more effort for you to get to it – and spend it!

If you’re not able to get to a bank, use an old jar, tin or box with a lock to put your money in so it’s out of your purse. Ask your parents to keep the jar for you or store it in a safe place where you can’t easily get to it – this will make it easier for you not to spend!

Saving is important for your future – and it’s a good habit to get into now. A lot of the big things you might want in life – like studying, opening a business, even getting married or buying a house one day – can cost a lot. By learning how to put money aside now, it will be easier to afford a big life expense when it comes along later!

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Big sis,,,i have 9000 but don't know what business to start with it

7 months, 3 weeks ago

My problem is not only saving but I even endup in debt plz help me

9 months, 3 weeks ago

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