4 ways to be a role model in your community

You are not too young for people to look up to you

Your thoughts (67) 4 ways to be a role model in your community

Do you think you are too young to be an example for people in your community? You’re not. There are many things your brothers and sisters, friends and even neighbours can learn from you.

Here are some ways you can be someone to look up to.

Have a positive attitude
When you have a positive attitude, you always look on the bright side. You try to stay happy and lively. If things go wrong, you focus on what you can do to make it better. You don’t just give up. You believe you have the power to make your dreams come true. That is a great example to set for your younger ones.

Be respectful
Being respectful means being polite and kind. It means treating everyone decently. It is important to respect older people and young people. It doesn’t mean you have to do everything they tell you. If it feels wrong or dangerous, you can say no. It is most important to respect yourself. When you are respectful, parents will want their kids to be like you.

Be a teacher
You don’t need to work in a school to be a teacher. Just share the things that you learn. Something from this website could be useful to a friend. You could learn something at school that can help a neighbour. Become someone people know they can learn things from.

Be more helpful
Join a group that helps people in your community. Or volunteer at your church or mosque. Make sure you talk to a trusted adult first, so you can choose a safe way to help. You even can run errands for elders in your compound or help your siblings with their homework.

It’s not hard to be a role model. All it takes is a little work. Won’t it be nice to have people look up to you?

Do you have anyone you look up to in your community? Tell us about them in our comments.

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