5 Things to do on children’s day

How to have fun on our day

Your thoughts (28) 5 Things to do on children’s day

Children’s day is on the 27th of May. For those of us who go to school, this means no school and a whole day to chill out. I’m pretty sure you are excited about

But you know instead of just wasting the day there are so many fun and productive things we can try out.

Below are some fun and productive ways we can spend our children’s day;

Visit an old relative
Pay a surprise visit to a grandparent, uncle or aunty we barely see. Don’t wait till you have a family gathering to see them. Spending a day with an older relative can be a great time to learn new things from them. They always have something new to teach younger people.

Hangout with friends
We can chill out with our besties. Play catch up with friends we barely have time to hang out with. We can visit our friends’ homes. Just ensure you are safe and a responsible adult knows where you will be going.

Spend time with your parents
Parents can be fun to hang out with. They are not as boring as we think.
We can visit an interesting place with them. We can spend the day gisting with them about their likes and hobbies. Imagine how happy they would be if we decide to chill and have fun with them.

Visit a popular place in your community
Visit the zoo, an amusement park, a mall etc. depending on where you live We can visit such places with our friends, siblings or relatives. Make sure an adult knows where you are going to and when to expect you back.

Do something humanitarian
We can do something nice for others that day. We can visit a clinic or orphanage to donate our unused clothes, toys and even books to other kids. Or volunteer to clean the home of an aged woman or man who lives alone around your community.

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