Amazing Skills You Already Have

Your Voice Matters

Amazing Skills You Already Have

Imagine someone else deciding what music you should listen to, what you should wear or even what course you should study.

Well, this is actually the situation some of us find ourselves.

We feel like our opinions don’t matter.

We have been told by families and friends that girls are gentle, soft spoken and don’t speak up.

And so we find it difficult to speak up.

But we will like to say to you that a girl is allowed to speak up. And she can be gentle and soft spoken while doing it.

Wonder why and how you should speak up? Well:

Girls have opinions too!!!

It’s funny how when amongst our besties we can say anything, but then find it difficult to speak in public. We are scared we will be ridiculed. But the fact is although we have different opinions, your opinion also matters. Plus, sharing your opinion might change someone’s mind. The important thing is to know what you are going to say, why you want to say it and to say it in a respectful manner.

Pretend you are confident till it becomes a part of you.

Speaking up in public requires some confidence. Yes it is not always easy. But you can work on it even if you are scared half the time. Truth is no one can read your mind so they won’t know. All they’ll see is someone confident enough to speak up. And the more you practice the easier it will get. Soon, you will find yourself getting more and more confident!

Don’t Get Discouraged

If you get nervous or forget what you want to say, don’t get discouraged. It can happen to anyone. But if you stand strong, it will get easier with time.

Remember, there are so many things that we girls do every day that demonstrate our strength. So, while public speaking may seem hard, you have the strength to do it.

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