Are you being treated badly?

You do have rights

Are you being treated badly?
  • In many countries women and girls have the same rights as men according to the law, and are regarded as equals in all aspects. But this isn’t always practiced at home.
  • You have the right to be treated with respect and to be safe and secure in your home. If this isn’t the case then speak to someone you trust like a teacher or village leader. A problem shared can be a burden lifted.
  • If someone older tries to scare you by shouting at you or hurting you, it can be can be abuse and is wrong. Find an adult you trust to help you.
  • There is nothing more traumatic for a child than losing a parent – never mind both. Growing up without parents or a caring adult looking after you can mean you are more at risk of harm. But you still have the right to education and healthcare.

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