Are you travelling this festive season?

How to have a safe and fun trip

Your thoughts (16) Are you travelling this festive season?

The year is coming to an end. For some this means food, parties and fun.

For some others it means a time to travel. It might be with family or friends. It might be in a private family car or public transport.

Whatever the case we want you to have a fun and safe trip.

We have put together tips on how you can have the best road trip.

Charge and recharge your phones
Do you have a phone? Charge it properly the night before.
You never know when and where you might need to make a call. Make sure you also purchase airtime.

Pack your entertainment kits You can pack cards, ludo etc.
You can also play a game on spotting out landmarks on the road.
Whoever spots the largest number of landmarks by the end of the trip will be the winner.

Take some music
Are you travelling in a family car? Take your favourite cd with you. You can sing along with your family. Are you travelling by public transport? Take a cd or mp3 player with you, or make sure your phone has a lot of music.

Take pictures
Do you have a camera or a phone with a camera? Take pictures.
Take pictures of yourself or anything you see on the road. It can be the snacks sellers running after buses at Ore or the long line of palm-oil sellers at Benin expressway etc. You can share the pictures on Facebook or your favourite social media site.

Create an experience for yourself when travelling. Don’t just sleep all through the journey. Remember to stay safe and be conscious of your environment at all times.

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