Be Healthy, Be Happy

Don’t let your body size affect your happiness

Be Healthy, Be Happy

I know how it feels to be called fat.

I have a big stomach. My friends sometimes laugh at me when I wear fitted tops.

Some people say I should stop eating so much. Others say I need to start exercising.

I’ve even thought about taking slimming tablets. I see the adverts everywhere. I’m sure you have too. They say take these tablets and you can look like a model in just a few days. What they don’t say is that these tablets or teas don’t always work.

Sometimes they can even be dangerous which is why I decided to work on my weight by exercising and reducing the amount of snacks I eat at school.

I can’t stop you if you decide to try supplements or teas. But before you do, please make sure to keep yourself safe:

  • Make sure that you can trust the person selling it
  • Check what it’s made of. Even if it’s a known brand. That’s really important. You should know exactly what you’re taking
  • Search online about any side effects of what you’re about to take. You don’t want to get sick instead of getting slim
  • Talk to a doctor or an adult that you trust. They want to make sure you don’t get sick. They’ll tell you the truth about what will work or not

The truth of the matter is you should be comfortable with who you are. Don’t let what people say about your body push you into making decisions you could regret in the future. Don’t let what people tell you inform how you think of yourself.

The important thing is that you stay healthy by eating healthy and keeping fit.

Be happy with who you are and find fun ways to exercise. I know it’s not as easy as taking a pill, but there’s no better supplement for your health than loving yourself.

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