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You are never too old to have fun

Your thoughts (28) Can you play this game?

Can you remember ten-ten or who is in the garden? Wasn’t it so much fun playing those games?

So, who says you are too big for them now? No one outgrows having fun you know?

We know right now all you want to do is hang out with your friends and meet new friends. Well, what if we told you playing games is one way to have fun, bond with friends and make new friends?

Besides fun, playing games is also educational. We can pick up new skills from playing games. Skills like problem solving, decision making, and multitasking skill.

Playing games is one way to improve our creativity, and concentration.

Are you ready to have some fun? Check out some games you can try out with your friend(s);

1. Ten-Ten
Looking for something fun that can help you stay fit. Try playing ten-ten. It will help increase your stamina. This game will also help you learn how to think on the spot. Something we all need in life.

2. Board games (Ludo)
This game can help develop your mathematical skill (ability to calculate). It will also teach you how to become a good decision maker and deal with pressure around you.

3. Card games (WHOT)
This game can help develop your decision making skills. It will also make you a fast thinker and observer. Card games help improve our mental ability especially our memory.

4. Hide and Seek
This game will help you develop your problem solving skill. It will also help improve your imaginations hence making you more creative.

Holidays are around the corner. What games will you try out? What other games do you know? Share them with us in the comments section.

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