Five Reasons You’re Amazing

It’s in you!

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Do you ever feel as if you can’t achieve your dreams?

Yes, you can! Don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

Thing is, self-confidence is pretty important. It helps you get through the day. It pushes you to keep going in tough times, especially when you want to give up.

There are lots of things you can do to build your confidence. Like reading this Springster article on how to become confident

But you know one great way to become more confident? Believe in yourself! Because you’re amazing just the way you are. Here are five reasons why:

You are a go-getter
Wanting to build your confidence shows that you’re ambitious. Which is oh so cool.

You are strong
You’ve gone through good times and bad times. And you’re all the better for them

You are brave
Being confident doesn’t mean you no longer get scared. It just means you can beat your nerves and reach your goals.

You are smart
Remember the times you’ve figured out crazy stuff all by yourself? You’ve got to be clever to do that.

You are unique
You are perfectly and wonderfully made. There’s no one else in the world like you. Yes, you.

Here’s a quick exercise: Write down three things you love about yourself. Maybe you’re good with your hands. Or you make people laugh. Or you’re very kind.

Every week, write at least one more thing down. Keep adding stuff to the list. Then whenever you’re feeling blue, read it and remember how awesome you are. What other things make you amazing? Tell us below.

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