How to start a conversation with a boy

Just say hi

How to start a conversation with a boy

Being a teenager is great—most of the time. Certain things can be hard, e.g. talking to guys. Because when you see that guy you like, your heart starts beating real fast. You get all shy and tongue-tied.

If you’ve ever been there, you’re not alone. Getting to know guys is a normal part of growing up.

Truth is, guys are human too. They’re not any more special than you. In fact, they’re probably just as shy as you. These tips will help you get talking to that guy:

Say Hi or Hello
When next you see him, smile and say hi or hello. Your confidence will shine through. You’ll be surprised that he’ll smile and say hi too. Afterwards, you can introduce yourselves.

Find Something You Both Like
It could be a book, a hobby, even a sport. Let’s say he’s reading a book you love. You could start by saying, “Hey! That’s a really good book.” He might be happy to hear you’ve read it too. Or if you both like football, ask about his favourite team. Then see where it goes.

Be Friendly With His Friends
Some guys trust their friends’ opinions a lot. So if you know someone who knows that guy you like very well, try being friendly with the person. It might just make that guy think you’re pretty cool. Next thing, he’ll want to be friends with you too.

Ask a Question
Try asking simple questions that’ll tell you more about him. For instance, during your youth group meeting, ask how he spent his weekend. Or what he thinks about that hot new song. Remember, avoid asking questions you wouldn’t want to answer. Look him in the eye and listen carefully while he talks. Guys want to be seen and heard—just like you. So this’ll earn you high marks in his good books.

Compliment Him
This is one of the oldest tricks in the world. Because it works! Who doesn’t love a genuine compliment? Just keep it simple. Compliment his shirt, his shoes, or his haircut. It’ll make him feel good about himself. Then he’ll take it from there.

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