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Dear Mummy,

I watch my friends with their mothers. They are not like you and me. They say every mother loves her child. Is it love when you beat me and call me names?

I have a scar from when you hit me with a wooden spoon because I added too much salt to the rice. It seems like you hit me all the time.

You call me slow, stupid, useless. You always tell me I will end up a failure with the way I am going.

My friends are not scared of their mothers. Not the way I am scared of you.

They talk freely with mothers. I can’t because you always say I ask childish questions.

You say you treat me this way because you don’t want me to go down a bad path. You say you only discipline me because you love me.

Sister said what you are doing is called verbal and physical abuse. She said no one should treat a child this way. She said you should treat the people you love with kindness.

Mummy is she correct? Or does she not love me as much as you do?

Mummy is this love? When I have my own children, is this how I should treat them? I don’t think so. I will correct my children gently. I will always speak to them kindly.

I hope this letter will help you to see how I am feeling. I hope it will make it easier for me to talk to you

All my love, Your daughter

Are you, or anyone you know going through something like this? Please talk to a trusted adult about the situation, do not keep quiet. You can also talk to us in the comments section.

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