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When my parents died, I thought my life was over. I was an only child, and they were my everything. I was all alone with no guidance or support – especially when it came to making decisions.

Then my aunty and uncle took me in. They cared for me like I was their child. I appreciated their kindness, but I felt bad about depending on them for everything. It made me feel so guilty, especially as they also had their own children to look after. I didn’t want to be a burden to them.

One afternoon, my friend Agianpe came to visit. We gisted for a while, then I braided her hair in the backyard. I’d always loved braiding hair and trying out different hairstyles.

When Agianpe left, my aunty suggested I should start making money from my hobby. I was a little surprised. I had no idea she’d noticed my passion. Turned out she understood how I felt and wanted to help.

Before then, I’d never imagined I could make money from doing something I love. I couldn’t wait to get started.

My aunty was very helpful. She gave me an airy space in the house to do the hair braiding. She even let me practice with my little cousins’ hair. When our neighbours admired their lovely hairdos, my aunty announced that I made them. My head was swelling ehn.

Like play like play, I started getting customers. As time went on, they began to increase. Soon my weekends were fully booked. Before I knew it, I was the one of the most popular hair braiders in our community.

Ever since my business took off, I’ve become more confident. I don’t worry about the future anymore – all because I have my own money. I wish my parents could see me now. They’d be super proud.

Let’s get cracking, Springsters! Which of your hobbies can you make money from? Tell us in the comments.

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