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Teasing and joking about everything and nothing. You and your friends do it all the time. And on social media, you guys get super creative with it: memes, videos and what have you. But. If you’re not careful, you can end up hurting someone with a post.

Don’t you worry. This fun quiz will help you decide whether you should post something or not. Let’s get started:

Situation: You want to post something that makes fun of your friend.

Q1: Does your post mention anything your friend is insecure about e.g. their height?

A. No (Go to Q2)

B. Yes (Stop)

Joking about someone’s insecurities is an easy way to hurt them. It can cause anxiety and depression. It’s best to avoid such sensitive stuff.

Q2.: Does your post contain any of your friend’s private info or pictures?

A. No (Go to Q3)

B. Yes (Hold it right there)
This is a big no-no as it can put your friend in danger. You wouldn’t want them to be targeted by online trolls. Besides, it’s not right to share private info that’s not yours.

Q3: Does your post contain mean or abusive words?

A. What? No! (Go to Q4)

B. Yes (Hang on)

Words can bring people down. Let’s keep our online spaces positive by keeping our words positive. Spread love and good vibes every day.

Q4: Are you sure your friend won’t find this offensive?

A. Very Sure (Go to Result A)

B. Not Really (Go to Result B)

Result A: Post It!

Seems pretty harmless to us. Go ahead and hit send.

Result B: Wait a Minute!

Put yourself in your friend’s shoes. If they did this to you, would you feel bad? Would you be mad at them? This should help you decide.

There you have it, girl. Remember, even when you’re just catching trips, always use social media responsibly.

So, has your friend ever posted a picture of you that you didn’t like? How did you handle it? Do share.

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no matter Wat I post, someone else who has a grudge on me will always be hurt or involved

2 weeks, 1 day ago


3 weeks, 1 day ago
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