Say what you want, girl!

Speak your mind loud and proud

Say what you want, girl!

Do you remember a time you spoke up about something you cared about? How did you feel? Good, right? You see for us girls, our voices are our greatest weapon. When we learn to speak up, we’ll get the respect we deserve. We’ll be true to ourselves.

If someone calls you names, say ‘stop’. Tell them what they’re doing is wrong. Try not to use insulting words. Keep it respectful.

When your friend annoys you, don’t pretend to be happy. Remember, she can’t read your mind. Tell her how you feel. If you can’t be honest with someone, it’s no use being their friend.

Now imagine this. You’re in the market with your mum. She wants to get you a gift. She asks you to choose between the ‘in’ top or that wooden sculpture you like. You’re afraid that if you go for the sculpture, people will look at you funny. But here’s the thing: people will talk no matter what you say or do. So go for what you really want, okay?

Also, if a boy asks you out, it’s not by force to agree. Don’t pretend to like him just to make him happy. Just say ‘no’ and if he continues to pressure you, speak to a trusted adult about it.

When you decide you are ready to be more than ‘just friends’ with a boy you like, speaking up is important. It’s easy to let someone have their way just because you like them. But this can get you in trouble. So be clear about how you want to be treated. If the person you’re seeing talks down to you, say ‘I don’t like it’. If they suggest something that makes you uncomfortable, speak up at once. If they don’t listen, report to a trusted adult.

However, speaking your mind isn’t that easy. You worry people won’t like you. But the only way to truly be yourself is to be truthful. If you pretend to be someone else you will never get what you really want. And this will probably make you unhappy.

Also remember that we live in a big world. Someone will surely like you just the way you are. So speak out and walk tall. You go girl!

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