Scared to speak out?

Don’t be. You deserve to be heard

Scared to speak out?

Speaking out can be scary for some of us.

We are scared of being judged or punished.

We also worry that we might disappoint our parent or friends with what we say.

This is why sometimes we think it is best not to say anything. And so when something wrong happens we keep quiet.

But the truth is sometimes it is important to speak out especially when you are being hurt or belittled.

It might make things better.

Speaking out can help you protect yourself. When you tell someone how they make you feel they can learn and not repeat it.

It can also help you protect others around you. For example when you speak out you can help a neighbour or friend who is being bullied. If you feel scared to confront the bullies you can report them to an older adult.

But speaking out doesn’t mean you have to scream or be rude.

It just means you saying your mind politely but firmly. For example rather than insult or scream at your friend for hurting you. You can calmly say “I was hurt with what you did, I never expected it”

Or if you see someone being bullied you can calmly tell the bully off “I need you to stop what you are doing or I am going to have to report you to an older person”. This is better than picking a fight.

You really have no reason to get scared. Let no one scare you into keeping quiet.

It is your voice. Use it for good and to defend those who may not be able to speak for themselves.

You can even earn the respect of other people as the girl who speaks her mind. Remember to respectfully speak out.

Sometimes when we speak out people may not react as we hope. When this happens, we may be discouraged. It is important not to let this stop you. The more you speak out, you more you build your confidence and self value. And these are important qualities to have.

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