They keep laughing at me

Don’t let it hurt you

They keep laughing at me

There are times when some people will say things or act in ways that are hurtful.

Like make fun of the shape of your head. Laugh at the way you dress or look.

Some people will laugh at your ideas and dreams. When you tell them you want to become a surgeon, dentist, or engineer, they will mock you. They might even say stuff like “it is not possible”.

Their behaviour can affect your confidence.

The truth is you might not be able to control how people behave towards you. You can however choose not to let it affect you Yes, when they laugh at you it hurts you. But you can’t go about fighting everyone that mocks you.

You don’t have to see yourself the way they see you.

When next they make fun of you, tell them how it makes you feel. You can nicely say “I really don’t like it when you call me olodo (dullard), it makes me feel bad”

If the person continues to mock report them to a trusted adult like a parent or older sibling that can speak to them.

Sometimes you can turn their hurtful words into something playful. For example if they call you big head you can say *“oh it’s because I have plenty brain”, when they say you have big eyes “say it’s because I want to see the world”. *

This way they will know you are not moved anymore. It will make them know that their words or actions don’t affect your feelings.

Don’t let what people say determine who you are. Let them laugh, it won’t change how great you are.

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