Today is your day!

The International Day of the Girl Child

Today is your day!

Are you a girl and 18 years old or less? Then we are celebrating today!

Today, October 11th, is the international day of the girl child.

In 2012, United Nations (an organisation that brings countries together for peace and progress) started this day so we can talk about girls around the world.

There are 1.1 billion girls in the world, that is a big number!

All of us should be able to go to good schools, live long and fulfill our dreams.

We should also be able to marry and have children when we are ready for that part of life.

Today, many groups are talking about how to make sure girls get these rights especially those of us in places where there is war and other troubles.

Let us help by talking to our friends and family about how to make the lives of girls better in our communities.

Also let's be happy today, take pictures and say why we are proud to be girls.

Happy Day of the Girl Child!

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