Waiting is okay

Holding on a little longer is cool too

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As we grow up we become more interested in certain things.

At this age, it’s perfectly normal to be curious about boys and sex.

Some of us even have friends that have boyfriends. And they can’t stop talking about their experiences.

It might make us feel like we are missing out. It definitely makes us want to know more.

Before you make the decision, here are some things to consider;

  • Sex can lead to early pregnancy
  • Any sex can expose you to sexually transmitted diseases. Do not forget HIV. Although It is advisable to use a condom to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, they are however not full proof The only 100% way to have safe sex is to have“no sex”
  • Having sex before our sexual organs fully develop can be dangerous. It can lead to serious health issues
  • Sex comes with a lot of emotional stuff. Are you ready for the emotional attachment that comes with sex? What if your relationship doesn’t work out after sex? Can you deal with that? What if your partner does not reciprocate your feelings for him after sex? Can you cope with that?

Only you know when you are ready to take that step. If you’re not, it’s ok to say no. We should never let anyone pressure us into something we don’t want.

It’s also cool to wait, you know.

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Yeah, waiting prevents lots of issues

11 months, 2 weeks ago

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Hi am new here

11 months ago

Waiting is the right thing to do.

12 months ago
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