You deserve to be happy girl

Keep winning, girl!

You deserve to be happy girl

Do you know what makes a community happy? The people.

Happy people make a happy community.

You are part of a community. You have a huge role to play in making your community happy and better.

We know there are times when some people will make you feel irrelevant.

Guess what? You are as important as such people.

Some people might even go as far as calling girls the weaker gender.

They will say things like “you are not a boy and can’t do that”.

Guess what!!! They are wrong

You are not weak. You don’t have to be a boy to do anything..

You have the right to the same privileges as a boy and capable of achieving anything you put your mind to.

Who says only boys can be mechanics, engineers etc.

Who says you too can’t be listened to.

You are a springster. A springster is independent, outspoken and an achiever.

Today we ask you to believe in yourself and dreams.

Take steps to achieve your dreams.

Tell yourself you can be anything if you put your mind to it. You can be a pilot, engineer, sports star, or whatever it is.

Be outspoken. Don’t be shy to share your opinion and dreams with the world. You have a voice. Let it be heard.

Be strong. When people try to make you look weak. Show them your strength.

When they compare you with a boy, let them know you are unique.

Springster being a girl shouldn’t stop you from being happy or following your dreams..

The truth is no-one can make you feel more special than yourself.

You are not alone in this race. Keep trying till you win. Click here to learn how to be a happy springster in this article

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