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I really want to use this opportunity to appreciate your hardwork for creating these platform for people to share their thoughts Thanks But I really want to share something with you and that is My worries Don't know if okay but I beg u to please pardon me So I like music Like singing but don't know most artist and songs like that Like acting but not being able to go for an auditions Cause where I come from and my family don't support all these I love to be great like mercy johnson but now I think am losing interest in those things I thought I love and can't even do them well again and I fear it might not just be my thing that I might not make it like the big stars And I feel am a loser cos other friends of my have talent And am not getting younger and am 21years nothing to boost of I have achieve Cos I tried hair dressing am not good in it tailoring I just forgot everything I was thought Just lonely and sad Any help please

March 20, 2022, 7:55 p.m.

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