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Hi Big sister ,a friend of mine is going through a lot each time she laments I feel like crying with her.My frnds mum had her went she was 16 n nw she is married n she has a son they all stay together .My friends name is Rita ,Rita was raped at d age of 6 by an uncle ,she wa later raped again at d age of 9 by a family friend n she almost did something stupid to her self becos of d incident ,nw she is 16 years old.When ever her mum gets angry at a(jst a slight mistakes)she will start reminding her on how she was raped n dat she is no longer a virgin at her tender age and dis breaks her,she cries nd wanna hurt her self if nt becos of d frnds nd kind of person she is she would have run mad or feed on drugs .At a point she started talking to her self pls help help us,how should she deal wit her mum? n d thought ?

March 20, 2022, 7:57 p.m.