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Our family and our friends; we love them but we can’t be with them all the time. This is where photos come in. We keep them in our phones, in our wallets and on our tables. They help us keep family and friends around even when they are far away.

Sometimes we want to show off our pictures where other people can see. It’s nice to be able to make the frames to show off these pictures ourselves.

All you need to make your own picture frames are;

  • A cardboard box (we used an Indomie carton)
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Razor Blade
  • Glue
  • Markers (optional)
  • Plain paper (optional)

If you have 1 cardboard box you can make about 2 frames. So if you want to make more to sell to your friends and family you can look for 5 cardboard boxes to make 10, 10 cardboard boxes to make 20 and so on.

Step 1

Take your carton and cut out 2 sides of the carton.


Step 2

Cut the flaps from these 2 sides as shown below.


Step 3

Take a pair of scissors and carefully remove the top layer of the cardboard as shown below. You need to make sure the rest of the carton stays intact. Do it for both sides of the carton. You need to take your time to do this step so you can get the same look as we got.

A_frame_step_3.1.jpg A_frame_step_3.2.jpg A_frame_step_3.3.jpg A_frame_step_3.4.jpg

Step 4

Take the picture you want to put in the frame and place it on one of the 2 carton sides. Draw a line around it to show where you will cut. Then draw a slightly smaller rectangle inside the rectangle you drew from the picture.


Step 5

Use a razor blade to cut out the smaller rectangle that you just drew. This is what you should get after cutting – see below.


Step 6

Place this side on the other side which you did not cut. You will need to use gum or glue to hold them together to make a frame. Add glue or gum to 3 sides of the cardboard so that one of the sides is still open. This is the side you will use to put the picture in the frame or take it out if you want.


Step 7

Press both sides together and let the gum dry.


Step 8

Next, you need to make a strong stand for your frame. Use one of the leftover bits of carton to make the stand. Draw out a long 5 sided shape like the one below and then cut it out.

5_side_polygon.png A_frame_step_9.2.jpg

Step 9

Use glue to add the stand to your frame. You can now put in your picture through the open side. And you’re done!


If you want to do a bit more you can decorate it with a marker or decorate some strips of paper and paste on the frame.

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