Three ways to be together when you’re apart

Long-distance activities can be just as fun as IRL hangouts!

There’s a pandemic going on! For a lot of us, that means we have to stay at home — and being stuck in the house can make an already-stressful situation feel even worse. It’s okay to feel this way, you’re not alone, because girls all around the world feel the same way too!

One way to kick that loneliness and boredom to the curb is by finding creative ways to stay in touch with your friends and family.

Here are three ideas for maintaining physical distance while staying socially connected… Internet skills, activate!

Group calls FTW!

Chat groups are great, but there’s something special about hearing voices and seeing faces. Whether it’s a daily vibe check or a weekly heart-to-heart, you can use your favorite chat app (like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp) to coordinate group voice or video calls with your besties. The calls can be as casual as a long-distance lunch break, or you can try something with an agenda. One idea? Have a random trivia party — ask each person to find a fun fact to share with the group, and the weirder and sillier the fact, the better! (Pssst: Did you know that if you could get in a car and drive straight up into the sky, it would only take you one hour to reach space? It’s true!)

(Re)creating and sharing simple recipes

Hold a cooking class with your friends! Find an easy-to-cook recipe online and then make it yourself, creating a simple video tutorial on your phone. Once you’re done, share the recipe and the video with your friends and challenge them to create their best version of your dish. Don’t forget to have them share photos of their food in your group chat so that you can give out virtual prizes like ‘Best Effort’, ‘Master Chef’, and ‘Fancy Foodtography'.

Join a challenge… or create your own!

Social media is full of challenges: story times, dance moves, silly pranks, magic tricks, and more. Find a challenge that you want to try and invite your friends to try, too. Or, if you’re the creative type, you can let your imagination run wild and invent your own challenge. (Just remember that challenges that could hurt someone — physically or emotionally! — aren’t funny or cool.) Share your challenge with your friends and on your social media and see how far it spreads! You’re a trend-setter, girl!

Those are three ideas, but that’s just the beginning. There are so many more things that you can do to stay connected with your friends!

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