The ultimate mood tracker is a book all about you!

A mood tracker can be the perfect release for bad COVID-19 vibes

All this news about COVID-19 makes me anxious! As much as I’m trying to give off positive energy all day and all night to keep the people around me happy, I cannot lie about it. This isn’t fun. I want it to be over.

So what to do? Self-care, ya’ll! This is the perfect time to take extra care of your wellbeing, and there’s no self care better than self honesty.

My method? Are you ready?! The Ultimate Mood Tracker Book!

An Ultimate Mood Tracker is like a journal of how you’re feeling at any time. Write in it once a day, once a week or even five times a day! Whatever helps you feel better. Here’s some information I find helpful for my entries.

  • “How are you feeling today, can you describe it?” - Don’t be afraid to pour all your feelings into your words. This is written by you and for you, nobody else matters.
  • “If today’s mood was an emoji, which would it be?” - At the end of the day, give an emoji for your day. Was it a 😊 or a ☹️? It’s simple, it’s kinda fun, and it’s so honest!
  • “From 1-10 how stressful/happy are you today?” - Try to rate today’s mood. I think the best I’ve done on the happy scale is an 8, and the most stressful a -55. Quarantine isn’t fun!
  • “Scribble things that can make tomorrow better than today!” - This is a chance to evaluate WITH DOODLES. Nobody has to understand what you draw except yourself. Drawing? It’s good therapy!

As you look back on entry after entry, you’ll probably see what a lot of us see. Some days are really bad days, some days are good days, some are extremely blah days. Most importantly, however, you’ll see that the good often balances the bad, and even when the bad happens, you were able to move forward.

The Ultimate Mood Tracker Book isn’t just writing down what happened. It’s the story of your quarantine and how you got through it. It is unique and it is yours.

Let’s share these ultimate tips to your friends or someone that needs it the most! We’re in this together!

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