3 Ways to beat holiday boredom

Try these fun activities

3 Ways to beat holiday boredom

Caroline has never been a fan of holidays. This is because most holidays, she has nothing fun to do.

But her last holiday was different. Her favourite cousin, Mary, came visiting. Mary showed her so many ways to have fun while on a break and girl did she have the time of her life.

Just in case you are wondering what they did last holiday, well here you go;

The family history book
They created a family history book. 6 months ago, their grandmother passed away and Mary felt they needed to do something that will remind them about her. So, they created “a family history book’’. It is something like a scrapbook but with family pictures and stories.

To create this book, they wrote down their favourite stories about their grandmother as well as other family members on pieces of papers.

When they were done, they made holes on the borders of the papers and put a thread through to bind the papers together. They hung these papers in Caroline’s room afterward.

Creating the book was fun. It made them share stories about their funny aunties, cool uncles and amazing grandmother.

The alphabet game
Mary taught Caroline how to play the alphabet game. It’s a game where you have to name something that starts with a particular alphabet.

But here’s the trick; everything you name has to be part of the same theme – so different foods, singers, historical figures, etc. They played this game over and over again with different themes and even got Caroline’s mother to try the game!

Lend a helping hand
There are few things more rewarding than helping someone in need. So, Mary and Caroline spent a couple hours each week volunteering at the local community centre to help adults learn to read. It felt good to help people in the neighbourhood learn to read and write.

Caroline is looking forward to her next holiday. She has a list of new activities she can try. Thanks to her cousin, now, she knows how to use her creativity and the resources around her to keep herself busy.

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