Becoming Miss Independent – Part 1

It starts with you!

Becoming Miss Independent – Part 1

My name is Lara. I’m 17 years old. A year ago, my life was fine. I went to school. I always had food to eat. Good clothes to wear. Moreover, all I ever wanted in life was to be independent. And, I couldn’t imagine anything stopping that.

Then, my dad lost his job. Things went from good to bad. I had to leave school because we could not afford the fees.

Leaving school was tough. Because it meant I had to give up on my dreams of independence. I felt like it was impossible to achieve my dreams without an education.

But my thought changed one day after I read a story on Springster. The story was titled “Be Your Own Boss” It was exactly what I needed to read at the time.

Through the story, I learnt that I could start my own business and become independent. Education wasn’t the only way after all.

I also learnt that the first step to becoming Miss independent is being confident in yourself and in your ability to achieve your dreams.

I know sometimes it’s difficult to be confident especially when everything seems to be going wrong. But I’ll say rather than focus on the bad you can try to do this two things

Think positive

Scientist say that up to 70% of our thoughts are negative. Did you know that? And my grandma always says “A negative mind can’t give you a positive life”. She’s so right. To be independent you have to turn down the negativity and turn up the positivity. You have to learn to see the light at the end of a tunnel.

Know your skills and talents

When I was in school, I was good with calculations. I figured I could use this skill to run and manage a business.
It’s important to know what you’re good at doing. Focus on it. This way you will feel more confident in yourself.

Remember, your thoughts lead to your feelings. Your feelings lead to the decisions you make and actions you take.

Before you become independent, you first have to think it’s possible to achieve just about anything. And guess what girl? It definitely is.

In the next few days, I will share more information on my journey to independence. So, watch this space for Becoming Miss Independent – Part 2.

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