Don’t let peer pressure define you

How Fiyin kept her old self and her new friends too

Don’t let peer pressure define you

Fiyin’s first day at school was great. The first person she met smiled and said, ‘Hello, my name is Hauwa. You can seat beside me’. Fiyin met Hauwa’s friends at break time. Soon, Fiyin became friends with all of them.

Fiyin did not have any friends at her last school. She had joined late, so everyone had already made friends. She was afraid the same thing would happen again. Hauwa’s friendliness changed everything. Fiyin was so happy.

Fiyin really wanted to join the after-school dance club. But all her friends joined the drama club. Fiyin didn’t want to be lonely or miss any gist. So she joined the drama club.

Hauwa’s parents were busy traders with a big shop. Most nights, they did not get home until after 10pm. So Hauwa could go out at night. Sometimes, Hauwa and her friends talked about going to the night market to look at clothes and eat popcorn.

Fiyin felt left out. Her mother would never let her stay out of the house after 6 pm. She really wanted to stay out with her friends. So Fiyin started thinking of a lie to tell her mother. But she knew lying was wrong, she was also very close to her mother. She did not like to lie to her or make her sad.

Fiyin decided to talk to her mother about her problems. She liked her new friends but she was different from them. Fiyin’s mother said the same thing happened to her when she was 14. She decided not to change and her true friends did not mind. They even gave her a nickname – ‘Sade the Special’. They said she was like no one else. They loved her for that. And they were still friends.

Fiyin decided to leave drama club and join dance club. She also told her friends that she could not go out after 6. She told them how her mother always helps her when she needs advice or when she just needs someone to talk to. Hauwa said she wished she could talk to her mother like Fiyin.

Fiyin advised Hauwa to try to spend more time with her mother and find things they could do together. This way they would start to find topics to talk about.

Fiyin also invited her friends to visit her after school. Very soon, Fiyin’s house became the place to meet.

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