The formula for having the best 2019 ever

No goal is too big for Patricia

The formula for having the best 2019 ever

I love the beginning of a new year. Every January, I get this feeling that anything is possible, and I'm filled with energy to do exciting new stuff. But I didn’t always feel this way. It started last year, when my science teacher, Mr. Cobhams, taught me the formula for having the best year ever.

During our first class that term, Mr. Cobhams asked us to write down three big dreams that we hoped to achieve that year. I thought, “I want to build my mum a house, I want to buy a car, and I want to travel to another country. But I can't possibly achieve all this in a year!”

I asked Mr. Cobhams for help. He told me to think of something that will help me achieve my dreams in the future, something I could start working towards today. Chemistry and physics had always been my favourite subjects. I thought of becoming a scientist, so I could make the money I needed to fulfill my dreams. I decided to take it step by step. First, I would join the science club and try to win the regional science competition. Who knew? Maybe I’d also win a scholarship to university! I couldn’t wait to get started.

My friend Ṣaléwá joined the science club with me. After school, we solved problems together and met on weekends to test each other. We were the only two girls in the club. At first, the boys treated us like we weren't as smart as them. Eventually, we started answering questions faster than some of them, and they began to respect us.

Our club did qualify for the regional science competition. We came third out of ten teams. It was solid proof that I could do anything as long as I worked hard and believed in myself. Today, I know for sure that nothing is impossible for me to achieve. In 2019, I'm determined to make it all the way to the national competition. There’s no stopping me now.


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