Getting to know dad

Daddy’s girl for life

Getting to know dad

Hey Springsters!

I’m Nyela and I’m happy to meet you! I’ve never been close to my dad.But recently, things changed between us. Want to know the full gist? Here you go:

Mum travelled to Ibadan on a work trip. So my brothers and I had to stay home with dad. At first, I was shy and awkward around him. I didn’t know what to say. I was used to being with mum.

My brothers were fine with it. They were always laughing with dad. They played cards and did other interesting stuff. Each time they asked me to join, I refused. Yet I couldn’t help feeling left out.

Then on Saturday, dad took me on a bike ride. Just the two of us. We rode around our neighbourhood. I told him about my bestie, Isioma. He was happy to hear I loved math. He said when he was in school, his nickname was “Da Gee!” I laughed and laughed.

Back home, he made jollof rice for us. Very delicious. I was shocked. So dad could cook! After lunch, he played songs by 2face and Waje. We had a dancing competition. I had no idea dad was a good dancer. He even taught us some steps. He said when he was my age, he dreamed of becoming a professional dancer.

The next day, we played Ludo. He showed me a trick to help me beat my brothers. I tried it and it worked! I was so excited! He told me that winning was about strategy (this means planning ahead), not force.

Later, he took us to the youth centre. He didn’t sit with the other parents. He played games with us, introduced himself to our friends. They said we were lucky to have such a cool dad.

When mum returned, I told her everything. She smiled all the while. Then she said dad came up with the whole plan. You see, he’d noticed we weren’t close. So he decided to change things for good. I was very touched.

That’s it guys! I hope I’ve inspired you to spend more time with your dad or male guardian. Like me, you’ll be amazed by what you’ll discover: Dads are people too. And they rock! Later!

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