Girls running the world

Meet these young heroes

Girls running the world

Everyday girls around the world are making history. A good example is Malala who uses her voice to help girls go to school. There are so many girls like Malala in the world and even around us. Girls we like to call heroes.

Here are a few of our girl heroes

Esther Okade – 13 years old

At a tender age, Esther realised she loved solving mathematics problems. She decided to stick to her love for mathematics. At age 10, she became one of the world’s youngest university student. Today, she is a 13-year-old mathematics genius set to receive a Ph.D.

Sharon Okpoe – 17 years old

Sharon is the 11th child of an uneducated fisherman and trader. She grew up in a poor fishing community. Despite this, Sharon wanted more for herself. She learned how to code (This means working with computers to create programs that help people. Read this article to find out more about coding). After her training, she built a website where members of her fishing community now sell their products and make more money for their families. Today, Sharon is a source of inspiration to girls in her community. Parents in her fishing community want their daughters to follow in her footsteps.

Peace – 15 years old

Peace is an education advocate and volunteer with Youth Advocate for Sustainable Development - a non-profit organization she co-founded with her dad. At a young age, she realized that most girls in her community do not go to school. Instead of going to school, girls were forced by their parents to stay home, get married or get jobs. To change this, she launched a campaign through which she educates parents on the importance of educating the girl child. In 2017, United Nations Youth Envoy Jayathma Wickramanayake recognized her for her dedication to advancing girls’. In 2018, she spoke at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London where she asked leaders to invest in 12 years of free, safe, and quality education. Peace is also an advocate for the Malala Fund.

You also can be like one of our girl heroes. If you put your mind to it and work towards it. Nothing can stop you.


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