Help! I Don’t Know How I Feel

What to do when you like two guys

Help! I Don’t Know How I Feel

Dear Big Sister,

Peter and Wale are my best friends. I’ve known them since I was small. When I’m in trouble, Peter helps me out. When I’m sad, Wale makes me laugh. They mean so much to me.

But now things have changed. Whenever I see Peter, my heart starts beating very fast. I feel all weird and funny inside. I think I want to be more than friends with him. But my heart also beats faster when I see Wale! I think I want to be more than friends with him too. *

I don’t know which of them I like more. I don’t want to lose my two besties. I don’t know what to do, Big Sister! Help!

Young and Confused*

Hey Springster!

First of all, you’re not young and confused. You’re completely normal. As we grow, our bodies and feelings change. It’s nothing to be ashamed or scared of. We’ve all been there.

When you’re alone, who do you think about most—Peter or Wale? Whose company do you enjoy more? This will help you figure out who you like more.

It’s important to be with someone who really likes you too. So keep an eye on Wale and Peter. Have they shown any sign that they don’t want to be ‘just friends’? Who makes excuses to be alone with you the most? If you’re true to yourself, you’ll have your answer.

Try hanging out in open places with them. You’ll get to know their hobbies and dreams. You’ll also see how they treat you and others in public. Your boyfriend should never put you down.

Remember, it’s okay not to date Wale or Peter. You can change your mind if you want. Dating is cool, but having friends is way cooler.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

Lots of love,

Big Sister

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