How Sophie got her life back

Nobody has the right to put you down

How Sophie got her life back

August 11th

Dear Diary,
Guess what??? I met a guy! His name is Emeka! He’s everything I want – tall, hot, and three years older! He listens when I talk. He makes me laugh. And he really likes me. I’m sooo happy! My friends have been yabbing me for not having a boyfriend. Who’s laughing now? LOL. I wish you could meet him. Anyhow sha, I’m hanging out with him tomorrow ♥. Off to pick what I’ll wear. See ya.

September 21st

Dear Diary,
Long time! Emeka keeps me so busy. I don’t even have time for my friends. He gets jealous whenever I’m with them. I guess it’s because he loves me so much. But some of the things he does. I’m not sure.
One time, I went to his house. He asked me to cook for him and his friends. I said it wasn’t by force. He still said I had to do it. He said women are supposed to cook. I was so annoyed, I left the house. He refused to say sorry.

October 3rd

Dear Diary,
It happened again! Last week, I went to buy suya with Emeka. I said let me pay. That’s how he got angry. He said a boy gave me the money. I told him it is from my business selling slippers. He said good girls don’t ‘make money’ .

After I got home, I texted him all night. No reply. When I finally saw him, he said he lost his phone. Next thing, his phone rang!
I told my best friend everything. She was so mad! She told me to leave him. That I deserve better. But I want to give him another chance. Maybe he’ll change.

November 4th

Dear Diary,
I did it! I broke up with Emeka! I just couldn’t take it anymore. I told him I don’t want him in my life. That I deserve to be with someone who loves and respects me. He cried and begged. But I didn’t back down. I told him to delete my number! I feel much better. Now I get to see my friends again. I’ve missed them so much. Later.

Are you with someone who hurts you or puts you down? Please speak up like Sophie. Don’t let anyone make you feel worthless. We all deserve to be with good people. Share her story with your friends. We are stronger together.

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