I helped her go back to school

How I helped Adanna

I helped her go back to school

My name is Anora, and a year ago, my family moved into a new compound. It was in that compound I met Adanna. She lived with her aunt.

She was a very smart girl. She loved to learn things. Always asking me about school.

A few times, she borrowed my English textbook to read. Her dream was to become a writer.

It made me wonder why she was not in school like her male cousins.

One day, while gisting I asked her why she was not in school. She told me her aunt said girls do not need too much education. She said her aunt told her a primary school education was all she needed as a girl. She also told Adanna that school would not teach her how to be a woman, good wife or mother.

Adanna went on to say how she wished she knew someone who would speak to her aunt to send her back to school.

Then it occurred to me what if we asked my mum to speak to her aunt?

Together, we spoke to my mum. We asked if she could plead with Adanna’s aunt. She agreed.

Adanna’s aunt wasn’t so convinced after my mum spoke to her. Then I thought about it what if Adanna and I spoke to her ourselves? Maybe she would understand us better.

So one evening, we approached her. I told her how school has helped me build my confidence. I also told her getting educated would provide us with more opportunities to succeed in life.

Adanna even told her that getting educated would place her in a better position to take care of her aunt in the future.

To our surprise, she said Adanna could start with night school first. We were so happy.

There are girls around us who are not in school. The truth is we might be in a position to help just like Anora helped her neighbour.

Malala made use of her voice to help girls in her community at a young age. We can do the same.

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