I really like a boy, what next?

Seyi talks about her crush

I really like a boy, what next?

My name is Seyi and I am 14 years old. A few weeks back I saw a boy standing with some boys on our street. He was handsome and tall.

It was my first time seeing him.

I was so shy when I walked by them. I think I even stuttered when one of the boys I knew in the group called my name to greet me.

The other day he visited my brother at home. I found out that his name is Kunle and he is my brother’s friend. When he said hello to me I was so shy I didn’t know how to reply.

Recently I have been seeing Kunle a lot as he always hangs out with my brother. I feel too scared to speak to him.

I told my sister about him and asked what to do about it.

She laughed at me as she watched me blush then she said

“Seyi what you feel is normal. You have a crush on him. This means you are attracted to him. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However what you do with the attraction is important.

It takes more than attraction to connect with your crush.

You need to take some steps towards building the connection

You can start by introducing yourself to him. Walk up to him and just say hello, my name is Seyi.

See how he responds. Don’t feel bad if he doesn’t respond in a friendly manner.

There are times when we like people and they don’t like us back.

At times like this there is no need to feel bad. You will find other people who will like you back.

But if he responds positively, don’t get carried away. Just be yourself. Try to build a sincere friendship with him first.

Find out if he likes you or not. You can do this by observing his behaviour. Like is he shy or nervous when he is around you? Does he always want to talk to you either physically, or over the phone or online? Don’t rush anything. You will be fine.

I felt relieved after talking to my sister. I have plans to try all she said next week when Kunle comes to see my brother.

Hey Springster, liking a boy is no crime. It is what you do with it that matters.

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