I thought Angela was a bad friend

But I was wrong!

I thought Angela was a bad friend

Angela and I met on the first day of school. We became friends almost immediately.

Everything was fine with our friendship until the end of last year. My bestie started acting differently. Disagreeing with me on some things. She wanted me to stop hanging out with my new friends.

I noticed these changes after I got a boyfriend and started hanging out with his group of friends.

One evening, I invited her to an outing my boyfriend and his friends organized. She refused.

I told her we were just going to get some food and go dancing. She still said no.

We got into an argument afterward. I told her I was fed up with her new behaviour. I was ready to give up on our friendship. I thought maybe she was jealous.

But I really needed to know why she was acting this way. So I asked her what’s up?

She told me she heard rumours that my new group of friends were known for drinking alcohol and getting in trouble. She didn’t want me to get in trouble.

I had no idea these rumours existed. I assured my friend that I had not witnessed such things with them. To make her feel better, I told her that if anything of such happened at the outing, I would make sure we leave right away.

Thanks to our conversation, we were able to settle our disagreement.

Now I know to be more open with Angela. I have learnt to talk about things sooner - rather than letting it go on for days or weeks.

Angela is not a bad friend; she just wanted us both to stay out of trouble. I’m so glad we spoke and are closer than ever!

Sometimes, we might think a friend is bad or jealous when they don’t support our decisions. The truth is half the time they are probably looking out for us. This is why we should learn to speak to our friends at times like this. This way we can avoid making mistakes.

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