It happened to #MeToo

Mercy shares her powerful story

It happened to #MeToo

Uncle Frank was my best friend. If my sister upset me, I reported to him. If I liked a boy, I confided in him. I could tell him anything because he never judged me. He kept my secrets like they were his.

But last year, I noticed Uncle Frank staring at my chest. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. So I brushed the whole thing aside.

Then I observed that whenever he came to visit, he no longer wanted us to sit in the parlour. Instead, he preferred us to stay outside and talk. He made suggestive comments about my body. I began to feel uncomfortable around him.

One afternoon, Uncle Frank dropped by. My sister was at work. I was nervous, but I played it cool. I sat far away from him and he asked me to come closer. When I refused, he came over and sat beside me. Before I could blink, he touched my thigh. I knew for sure I wasn’t imagining things. I got up and asked him to leave.

Uncle Frank couldn’t believe it. The look on his face ehn! Anyway, I told him our friendship was over because he’d broken my trust. He gave me a hard look, then left.

I was hurting so bad. I wanted to report Uncle Frank, but who could I possibly report my own confidant to? Besides, when a girl in my youth group said a family friend harassed her, people called her a liar. I was scared that no one would believe me. So I kept my story to myself.

Afterwards, Uncle Frank stopped visiting. Then he started coming around again. This time, he was my sister’s “best friend.” He would give her little things and ask her to share them with me. I rejected them all. My sister didn’t understand why. She scolded me for being rude.

But I knew Uncle Frank was up to no good. I knew if I didn’t speak up, he’d hurt my sister too. So I told her everything.

My sister was stunned. She told Uncle Frank to leave us alone. She said if he didn’t, she’d report him to our parents who will report him to the police. Then she praised me for being brave. I felt proud of myself for speaking up. I’ll never be afraid again.

Being betrayed by someone you trust can be heartbreaking. However, don’t let one person’s actions stop you from opening up to other people. Always remember: your body belongs to you alone. Nobody has the right to touch you without your consent. Always report to a trusted adult, never keep it to yourself.

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