My big plans for 2018

Uchenna shares her plans for the new year

My big plans for 2018

My name is Uchenna and I am 16 years old. I plan to make my 2018 better than this year.

2017 so far has been an okay year.

I made new friends this year. I learnt how to make Ankara bags

My father lost his job. Life became rough after that. My junior brother left school to learn a trade.

I want 2018 to be a better year. I have two plans for 2018.

First is to start my own bag business.

I want to apply for a university degree. I want to study business administration. This course will help me with my business.

Truth is I don’t have the money for both plans yet.

But I think I know how to raise money for my business.

I will ask my uncle Isaac who is a businessman to invest in my business.

I will also raise money from other family members such as my aunt Clara.

I have plans to make money from selling the bags.

I will sew the bags with my grandmother’s machine.

I intend to buy a GCE form with the money I make at the end of the year.

In my own little way I will use some of the money I make to help my family out.

One day I know this business will be bigger and it will give me and my family a better life.

It is not too early to start planning for 2018.

Write out your plans on a notepad to remind yourself.

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