My family can’t afford to send me to school

What can I do?

My family can’t afford to send me to school

Hello Sister,

A few months ago my parents took me out of school. They said they cannot afford to send to send me to school any more

I was really sad to hear that I couldn’t go to school anymore. Since I left school all I do is spend time helping my mum at her kiosk or take care of my younger ones

I want more for myself. I want to be like the big women I see on the tv.

I want to be able to send my own children to school.

What can I do to make sure I get a better life?

With great concern,

Dear Halima,

I am sorry to hear about your story. It is good to know that you are willing to learn other ways to succeed outside school. There are so many things you can do outside school.

First think of something you love or would love to do. Bake, repair stuff, cook, etc.

Secondly check around you to see if there is a place or someone doing what you love or would love to do. Ask them to teach you. Make sure the person is someone who is trusted. Better still you can ask your parents to speak to them. Or have any trusted adult such as an aunt or uncle discuss with them to teach you. You can also search for government owned skill centres or organisations around you where you can take classes at low cost or for free,.

You can also learn many skills online like how to apply make-up, how to fix phones, how to become an animator etc. ….. Search on google for information on anything you want to learn.

Read our article on how to search online

Lastly once you start be committed to your training. Learn all you can. When you feel like you have learnt a lot and are good enough at your skill you could use that skill to start a business.

If you save that money who knows you could pay for your own school fees in the future. You would also be able to take care of yourself and your family.

Halima set a goal and put your mind to it.

Big sister

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