My first year as a mother

How I am making it work

My first year as a mother

I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. Boy was I shocked. I was meant to be the smart one getting good grades at school but here I was pregnant.

I was so scared to tell my mum. I felt like I failed her.

To my surprise, she didn’t react the way I imagined she would after I told her. Yes, she was very upset and I felt bad, but she didn’t disown me or throw me out.

As a matter of fact, all she wanted was the best for me and my child.

At the beginning, it was a bit difficult to be a mum. From the sleepless nights to having people look at me with judging eyes on the street.

But my mum, she helped me adapt to the changes.

She made it easy for me be a first time mother.

She regularly tried to motivate me to keep moving. Reminding me that having a child at this age was not the end of the world for me. She wanted me to be more for myself. Pursue my dreams of becoming an IT specialist.

She even encouraged me to take a course.

According to her, I needed to equip myself with skills that will make it possible for me to earn an income.

And so, I enrolled at a computer school close to the house. I also started taking a free coding course I saw on the internet. I took the course to help me become an IT specialist. And soon, I will be able to help people build websites or mobile apps.

It has been a year since I became a mum and to be sincere being a mum is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I have learnt how to be strong, confident and most importantly how to love myself no matter what. Well, nothing can break me now.

I am really grateful to have had a support system like my mum.

I can’t wait to be an IT specialist someday! So I can make a proper income to take care of my mother and daughter.

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