My friend is unhappy

Nnenna tells us how she helped her friend

My friend is unhappy

My friend Ngozi is 15 years old. We have been friends for 5 years now. My mother owns a shop beside her mother. We spend a lot of time together.

A few months ago Ngozi suddenly changed. She started acting funny. She stopped coming to the market regularly. She even stopped picking up my calls or replying my messages on facebook.

And so one day I decided to visit her. When I saw her she looked very unhappy. She wasn’t her normal talk-talk self.

I kept asking her what was wrong but she refused to talk. I told her I won’t leave until she talks to me.

And then she finally opened up
“My father has asked me to marry his boss. The man is old and already has 3 wives. My father says the marriage is an opportunity for me to help our family. His boss has promised to help my family financially and send my siblings to school if I marry him. My mother and I have begged him to cancel the marriage. But he has refused to listen”.

I felt so bad to see my friend unhappy. I really wanted to help. So I spoke to my parents.

When they heard her story my father decided to speak to Ngozi’s father.

He told him how early marriage can affect Ngozi emotionally and physically.

He suggested other ways she can help the family financially. He asked her dad to train Ngozi in a trade. This way she will have a skill she can use to make money.

After a while Ngozi’s dad agreed to put the marriage on hold. He said he will send her to a shoe making class.

My friend Ngozi is currently in shoe making class. I have noticed that she is happier now. She hasn’t stopped thanking me for helping her out.

Are you in Ngozi’s situation? Speak up. Start by telling your parents how you feel. To make it easier, you could try practicing what you want to tell them before you meet them, you can even write it down. Also choose a time when you know they are not busy and give you their attention.

You can also talk to someone close to your parents. Ask them to help you speak to them.

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