Ready, Start, Click: You could be the next computer genius

Idara’s amazing story

Ready, Start, Click: You could be the next computer genius

Some years ago, a programming class started in my community centre. I felt like bursting with joy. I loved computers so much.

After my 13th birthday, my parents enrolled me in the school. In my first class, a well-dressed teacher asked us to introduce ourselves. I was so shy that I mispronounced my surname.

Later, she told us that computer programming is also called coding. She explained that it means giving a computer instructions to do certain things. She said coding helps us create apps and websites. She asked if we knew any coding language. I did, but the words were stuck in my throat. A boy raised his hand and mentioned JavaScript. Everyone clapped.

The next week, we started learning how to code. We were split into teams. We wrote codes for lots of cool stuff.

As I learned more, I began to gain confidence to speak up. I began to ask and answer questions in class. I was no longer afraid to put my hand up. This is because I practiced answering in front of a mirror at home. I also made sure I studied at home so that I would have the answers to questions.

I dreamed of creating a free safety app for girls in my community. When I told my teammates, they were happy to help.

The app worked in a simple way. If any of us was in danger, we would tap our phone screen to signal the school security guards, who would then come to help. Each security guard had a phone with GPS to help track us easily.

After the launch, the whole school hailed me. People I’d never spoken to came over to say congrats. I knew then that I’d never stop coding.

Someday I’m going to be a computer engineer. I’d love to start my own company—one that’ll change the world like Google. I can’t wait to see what my future holds.

Anyone can become a computer genius. If you enjoy learning new things, you can make a difference like Idara. Whether it is carpentry, engineering or teaching, there is nothing you cannot do when you put you mind to it.

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