Saying bye to that relationship

Banke’s break up story

Saying bye to that relationship

2 months ago, Banke broke up with her boyfriend. She never imagined a day like that would come.

They were the perfect couple. But there was one problem.

He wanted to move things to the next level. Banke wasn’t ready to have sex.

She wanted to wait. She didn’t want to end up pregnant. And she had heard about girls that got an infection from having sex. Banke just didn’t feel mature enough to deal with everything that comes along with having sex.

She told him her fears. But he just told her not to worry. He said all their friends were already doing it. And that if she really cared about him she would do it.

Banke stood her ground, she was going to wait. So, he threatened to break up with her.

She begged him to give her time to think about it.

She was confused and needed to speak to someone. And so, she opened up to her older cousin.

Her cousin gave her some great advice:

"Banke, when it comes to sex only you can decide the right time for you. Think about the things that can happen if you decide not to wait. You can also read this article on can I get pregnant now? to know more.

Are you ready for all that? If you don’t feel ready, your boyfriend needs to respect your decision. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to.

You know, sex is not the only way to show you love someone. Being supportive, writing love letters, or even helping out your partner when they need help are some of the other ways to show love. Your boyfriend needs to know this.

And so, if he really cares about you then he will wait. But, if he’s not ready to wait, then maybe he’s not the right guy for you. I know it might be hard to let him go, but it’s better to find someone who loves you enough to wait."

Banke knew her cousin was right. She did not want a boyfriend who would push her to do anything she was not comfortable with. She wanted someone who shared the same values. She had a long talk with her boyfriend. He kept insisting that it was time for them to have sex. So Banke made the decision to walk away. It was hard, but she knew it was the right thing for her.

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