Springster Q & A

What does the Springster change mean for you

Springster Q & A

Why did the name change to Springster?
We looked for a name that can make our girls feel like part of a team – the Springster team! We can now say ‘Hey Springster’ to each other as you continue to connect with big sister as well as other girls on the new, improved platform.

What changes when Springster starts?
All the usual content you love will remain the same including stories, polls and competitions. In addition, the site will become more interactive & interesting with more quizzes and question and answer (Q & A) articles to get answers to all your most puzzling questions, Big Sister knows you have so many of these!
The monthly Your Words Competition will continue as usual so you can continue to send in your answers to get a chance of winning the airtime reward.

Is there anything I need to do to continue reading stories on the site?
Absolutely nothing, you can continue to access the site as normal. The current link to this site will automatically redirect you to the new website link so you can continue to access the site as you usually do. The only thing we would like you to do is fill out your profile when that feature becomes active. But doing this is your choice, you can decide to not do it.

Do I need to move to a new platform or website?
No, you don’t. Like explained in the last question you can continue to access the site as you usually do as all the changes will just be an update of the current website.

When will these changes start?
This site will start the change to the all-new Springster format from 26th June, 2017. That means this site will be looking different from next week. We hope you will be looking forward to the upgrade just as much as we are!

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