We’re Just Friends

Girls and boys don’t have to date

We’re Just Friends

At first I didn’t have time for Stanley. He was so quiet. People said he was a snob.

But then we got talking at my friend’s house. Stanley and his brother were sitting with us in the parlour. They were gisting about a comic book. You should have seen their faces when I said I’d read it. They didn’t know any girl who liked comic books. Stanley looked impressed. My head was swelling.

Stanley and I started swapping comic books. We liked the same characters. We laughed at the same things. We had so much in common. He couldn’t stand peppery food. Just like me. He was scared of dogs. Just like me. Over time, I found out he wasn’t a snob at all. He was just shy.

We started confiding in each other. I was the first to know he wanted to be a painter. He showed me some of his sketches. They were really nice. I told him that I wanted to learn how to play table tennis. That evening, he started teaching me in our community centre. When our friends saw us, they started teasing us. They called us husband and wife. They called Stanley ‘woman wrapper’.

I was embarrassed. I felt as if I was doing something bad. But Stanley laughed and said, “We’re just friends.”

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to be his friend. I didn’t want anyone to gossip about me. But I didn’t want to lose him either. I was sad and confused.

Back home, I opened up to my aunty. She told me not to worry about what people say. She said Stanley was a good guy, so I shouldn’t stop being his friend. I felt much better.

Now Stanley is my bestie. We tell each other everything. We help each other when we’re in need. Even when we’re apart, we always stay in touch. He’s the brother I never had.

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