What is this red stain?

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What is this red stain?

A few weeks after her 13th birthday, Alice noticed a red stain on her skirt. She was just sitting at home and suddenly there it was! She couldn’t figure out where it came from. She checked all over her body. Then she realized that there was blood coming out of her vagina!

Alice panicked.

She was already crying when her mum walked in.

”Mummy, there’s something wrong with me. I’m bleeding. Down there!’ Am I dying?’’ Alice wailed. She showed her mum the stain.”

Her mum gave her a hug and calmed her down.

”My dear, you’re not dying and you’re not sick. You’ve just started your period. Do you know what that is?’”

Alice had heard girls at school talking about it, but she was not exactly sure what it meant. Her mum explained.

”As a girl’s body starts to mature, something called menstruation begins. Most people call it getting your period. What that means is that roughly once a month, you’ll bleed from your vagina.”

Alice was even more panicked, ‘I’m not ready to have a baby! I’m only in JS2!’

Her mum laughed, ‘Of course not dear. I only meant that your body is physically ready. It means that now, you can get pregnant. Not that you should.’

Alice felt a little better, but she was still confused, ”what does being able to get pregnant have to do with me bleeding once a month?’”

”So, inside your body,’ Alice’s mum touched her belly, ‘you have something called a uterus. Sometimes, people call it a womb. That’s where babies grow. You also have two ovaries, these are where your body stores your eggs. Every month or so, the ovaries release an egg. And it travels into the uterus. If a woman has sex, sometimes that egg is fertilized by the man’s sperm. That fertilized egg is what becomes a baby. Now, when the ovaries are about to release the egg, the lining on the inside of the uterus gets thicker just in case it needs to grow a baby. If the egg doesn’t get fertilized, then the body gets rid of the lining. So, when you get your period, that’s the lining coming out”

Alice thought about this. ”So, every month, my body gets ready to be pregnant. And then when it doesn’t happen, I get my period?”

Her mother smiled, ‘exactly. You see, it’s all perfectly normal and natural. Nothing to be scared about at all.’

Then her mum showed Alice how to use a sanitary pad and explained how to stay clean and comfortable during her period.

Alice was lucky to have someone like her mum to talk to.

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