Your mum can be your best friend

You can learn so much more from being friends with your mum

Your mum can be your best friend

Who would have thought my mum and I could be friends?

I use to be scared of my mum. I use to think she was mean. Until I started my period.

I was scared and confused. I didn’t know who to talk to but I knew I had to speak to someone quickly.

My mum was the only one around and so I walked up to her even though I was afraid and I told her about the blood coming out.

She hugged me really tight after I told her. She explained what was happening to my body, she said it was just my period and that it was normal. She asked me not to be scared as she helped me clean up.

She was so understanding and cool about it.

She showed me how to wear a pad. She even showed me how to calculate my menstrual cycle.

She told me to always feel free to talk to her about anything. She said I should never be afraid to tell her what is worrying me.

Since then, my mum and I have been really close. I talk to her about a lot of things. She advises me about everything, even boys.

She knows a lot. I share some of the things I learn from her with my friends. Some of them wish they could be as close to their mums as I am with mine.

I always tell them to open up to their mums. Our mothers were young once. They have gone through most of the things we are experiencing right now. They will understand.

They have a lot to teach us.

Wondering how else to bond with your mum you can try the following

  • Cook with her. Don’t wait until she asks for your help in the kitchen
  • Talk to her about your likes and hobbies.
  • Ask her about her favourite music. Make her listen to yours
  • Watch a movie together
  • Spend more time with her
  • Learn not to be secretive with her.

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