Your siblings can be your best friends

How to get closer to your family

Your siblings can be your best friends

A year ago Amina wanted her family to be closer.

She had spoken to them about it a few times but nothing really changed.

She wished her family could be like her friend Titi’s.

Titi’s family was really cool and close.

They did everything together. They attended events together.

They always played games like ludo together.

She envied their family.

Once Amina visited their home and saw them watching a family sitcom called Jenifa. They seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

An idea came to her head. She was going to persuade her siblings to do something together.

She thought about making them eat dinner together as they always ate separately.

When she got home she asked if they could all eat together as a family.

At first it sounded funny to her siblings.

They were reluctant.

But she insisted and told them why.

After a while they decided to try it out.

During dinner she made it her duty to ask everyone about their day. She also tried to gist them about new things that happened

Over time they started to open up and talk to each other.

Her siblings loved dinner time.

Their parents noticed the changes and even joined in occasionally to gist with them.

Their dinner time became their bonding time. Everyone started to look forward to it.

It was a time to talk about their day, get advice from each other and just get to learn more about each other.

Their dinner time made it easier for Amina and her siblings to talk to their parents.

It made it easier for Amina to be free to ask her parents questions about boys, her body and even health.

Amina is happier about how close she is to her siblings and parents now.

Her family members are closer now than ever.

Do you sometimes wish you were way closer to your siblings or parents? Do something about it. Talk to them about it. Find something they love doing and try to do it together.

Build a relationship with them gradually. Your siblings and parents can also be your friends.

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