3 Hygienic habits you need to have

How to stay clean and healthy

3 Hygienic habits you need to have

To stay healthy you need to have good hygiene. This means taking care of yourself to avoid falling ill.

Below are some of habits to help keep you healthy.

Bath regularly
Especially if you have been outside all day. This will keep bacteria and germs off your body. If you can, take your bath twice a day (Morning and night). When bathing wash under your armpit. This is to help deal with smell that comes from sweating in that area.
When on your period it is important you take your bath at least twice a day. Try to take a warm bath, it will relax your muscle especially if you are having cramps. Do not wash your vagina with soap. Water alone is fine.

Brush daily
Make it a habit to brush your teeth at least once a day. But If you can, brush before going to bed at night.
Brushing regularly reduces the amount of bacteria or germs in the mouth. Brushing helps fight the germs that cause tooth decay, gum diseases or holes in our teeth. The fact is the bacteria that cause gum disease can also go straight to the heart and cause a problem. We don’t want that to happen to us.

Wash your hands
Before eating wash your hands. After using the toilet wash your hands. If you return home from a day outside wash your hands. Washing your hands regularly will help prevent the spread of bacteria or even viruses that can make you sick.

Girl, practice these habits and stay healthy.

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